1. Hazel&Felix Wednesday

    "Think and wonder, wonder and think."

    -Dr. Seuss

  2. Thinking of you today  :)

  3. Day is over, night has come.
    Today is gone, what’s done is done.
    Embrace your dreams, through the night,
    tomorrow comes with a whole new light.

  4. Weekend Getaway

    My daughters and I spent the weekend in New York.  
    We did some shopping, toured ground zero, saw incredible theater and dined in some quaint little spots.  My daughters have grown up,  they have husbands, (children), homes and careers.  They work hard, they are kind and I am really proud of them.    I treasure every moment with them and especially enjoyed being roommates, it has been many years since we’ve had sleepovers.  Last night as I was drifting off to sleep, I rolled over and saw my grown daughters as I remembered them as little girls.  They grew up sharing a bedroom and I often found them in the same bed cuddling….

    a perfect weekend.

  5. She’s my sister, 
    my best friend,
    my soul mate.
    & the best part of me.

  6. We will never forget.

  7. 9/11

  8. Hazel&Felix Wednesday

    Creativity is contagious.
    Pass it on.

    - Albert Einstein
  9. No such thing as free lunch…… except at mom’s.

  10. Just Listen.